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  • Manage allowance assets and financials by owner and co-owners.
  • Manage allowance assets at the facility level.
  • Configure any company's unique infrastructure.
  •  Import EDR's and track emissions and compliance status.
  • Track emission cost on a monthly basis.
  •  Set up user specific rights and privileges.
  •  Import EPA transactions and accounts.
  •  Submit sales, purchases, ownership exchanges, entity exchanges and custom transactions.
  •  Consume monthly emissions and reserve allowances.
  •  View and print custom analysis reports.
  •  And much more! 
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Now Available!


  • PlanIt, an add-on application to ManageIt, plans for the future and allows 'What If' scenario analysis.
  •  Start with actual emissions, assets and transactions.
  •  Create multiple 'What If' scenarios. 
  • Create a plan and add future years.
  • Enter hypothetical transactions.
  • Analyze the transactions' affect on Weighted Average Cost (WAC), emissions expense and compliance status!
  • View and print analysis reports!
  •  Create multiple plans!


“ManageIt” provides environmental commodity managers the tools to efficiently organize asset inventory for business purposes, such as: preparing for compliance, purchasing and/or selling commodity inventory, managing environmental commodity ownership financials on a Weighted Average Cost (WAC) basis and reporting current inventory status and financial information.


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